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"The planet was blue and mesmerizingly beautiful. On it was life – a multitude of diverse lives. There was also a technologically advanced civilisation. Down below, huge clusters of artificial structures shimmered with electric light, and the ether was jammed full with messages. But technological does not necessarily mean intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to rely on the forces of the world without destroying this world. It was up to me to figure out if there was intelligent life here.

I am an observer from the planet Curius.

My name is Credo."



Choose the answer that resonates with you or all of them together (they are all correct):
A multimedia logbook of an alien expedition to Earth. The view of another Intelligence on what is happening on our planet.
An immersive (you can be not just a spectator, but a participant) adventure quest in search of the Key of Life.
A school of living thinking (and Natural Intelligence). Freshly posed questions about the most important issues prompt fresh answers.
An encyclopaedia of amazing discoveries and phenomena that coexist now in human society and around it.
A study of human possibilities.
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