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Why aliens?

Because they are obviously intelligent (having managed to reach Earth), but they didn't attend Earth's schools, are unfamiliar with our stereotypes, and haven't learned our misconceptions. Thus, they maintain the ability to look at things familiar to us from an unexpected angle and pose questions differently, even in areas where it doesn't occur to us.


Why a dogoid?

Because dogs are humanity's oldest and most devoted friends. No matter what we do, they love us unconditionally and selflessly. And also, because a dogoid from another planet is the perfect invisible secret agent, almost capable of passing through walls: it draws no attention in any part of our planet and is not suspected of intelligence and the ability to understand and act consciously.

Why the 30th Parallel North?

Because there is no equivalent or a clear explanation for this unique phenomenon. All of the major historical centres of human culture and the most amazing natural objects are aligned in a straight line. Also, because now it features a mixture of very different lifestyles, as if it were several different planets. And also, because the project's authors actually made this round-the-world journey and can be guides along this route.

Why a "fairy tale"?

Because a fairy tale is a game of possible futures. Because children (of any age) are those whom the steamroller of our education system hasn't flattened. Because they retain freshness and immediacy of perception and the ability to believe in miracles. Because "be like children." And because if humanity has a tomorrow, it is their day.

Why all this?

For the same reason as all the "dialogues on two systems of the world," known since the times of Plato and Galileo. For the same reason that Don Quixote, Gulliver, Münchhausen undertook their journeys – "mad" heroes who entered the "normal" world to make visible the possibility of another coordinate system and another reality. To show that we – right now – are capable of living differently. Choosing the kindest solution out of all possible alternatives.