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Credo, a Golden Retriever-like intelligent alien dog from the planet Curius, after receiving a signal calling for help, arrives on Earth to find who sent the signal and from where, and to understand how things work here.

On his way he meets two humans, Nick and Sandra, with whom he embarks on a round-the-world journey along the Thirtieth Parallel North. Various other characters, including dolphins, other animals, and children, assist the team on their mission.

The plot thickens as the protagonists uncover a series of enigmatic clues leading to the "Key of Life," a mysterious artefact believed to hold profound power. As they delve deeper, they encounter various factions, each vying for control of this ancient treasure. 

From the pyramids of Egypt to the mountains of Tibet, Mission Curius is filled with wonder, pursuits, danger, and discoveries. In a world where nothing is as it seems, Mission Curius takes the team on an unforgettable ride, blending action, technology, and a profound exploration of what it means to be human.



52 twenty-minute multimedia episodes of the Expedition Diary
"365 moments of Mission Curius": anecdotes, incidents, and parables from Credo – short scenes, stories, and encounters on the expedition's journey.
Children's version:
"A Brief Collection of Wonders"
Adult version:
"A Brief Collection of Absurdity"
Starting from the second season:
books (children's and adult versions) – series – cartoon – comics – feature film – online game – internet platform – University of Curiosities
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